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The Highest Form of the Feminine

The Highest Form of the Feminine Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

Can you elaborate on ways we can connect with the feminine?

Yes. You connect with the feminine through your emotions, your sexuality, and your physical body. There is wisdom and artfulness in all of these areas, which is essential for your union with God. The highest form of the feminine is love. Your body, sexuality, and emotions all support you in becoming love, becoming seeded in your heart and living as love.

Many of you want to live as love, but you’re looking at the wrong factors. You look at an incident where you failed to be the loving person you strive to be. Then you try to fix that situation. Or perhaps you try to fix the part of your personality that you think caused the situation or caused your response to the situation. It doesn’t actually work that way. You can’t form yourself into love in that way. You have to start with loving yourself.