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Emotional Healing during the Holidays

Emotional Healing during the Holidays Waymus through Abby Isadora Haydon

We come to speak to you of the many changes happening on your world and the various ways that they will affect you during the holiday season. These changes bring forth a new way of thinking and behaving on your world. Now we wish to discuss the ways your emotional body will be affected. Those who reside on your world are experiencing many types of changes. Our fellowship, which consists of the Arcturians and other groups such as the consciousness that calls itself Andaba, will bring messages to assist you through this vehicle.

Many changes are now taking place in the physical bodies of your species and will come to fruition within the next thirty years. In the past, these changes have been incorporated subtly into the framework of life on this world, but the need to accelerate some of the necessary transformations has caused a bit of emotional compression to take place. For this reason, many of you feel very emotionally sensitive. Many find that this translates into very strong emotional reactions to situations. This emotional strength not only is used to react to what comes to you but also affects the emotional energy you send into your world through your form. Another way to think of it is that all you feel is now being amplified. This is necessary to bring you all to a state of more refined functioning, a state you might call enlightenment.