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Do Not Fear Truth, for It Will Set You Free

Do Not Fear Truth, for It Will Set You Free Donna Taylor

November holds the gift of transformation for those who are prepared to work with the Scorpio energies and shed old skin. If you feel as if you’ve come to the end of something, whether it’s a particular situation or a dark night of the soul, the Scorpio energies (and especially the new moon on November 11) will help you release, heal, and move on. Scorpio teaches us that nothing can, or should, stay the same and that life is in a constant state of change and evolution. Remind yourself of that if you’re clinging to something that you fear to let go of so that you can make the leap.

In November, change will be good, so in the days prior to the new moon, consider looking at what you’d like to transform or move on from, and then set your intention around October 11 or 12 under the rays of the new moon. This would be a good time to perform some kind of ritual — from clearing space in your home or office or cleaning out your closets to writing down all that you wish to be rid of and destroying your piece of paper. Candle magic is also very potent around a Scorpio new moon so long as you dedicate your candle to creating something new or letting go of the old.

There are big opportunities to be found with this new moon, helpfully aspected as it is by benevolent Jupiter. So keep your eyes open for something that could be just what you’re looking for. It could be an offer or invitation. It could be a meeting with a helpful person. It could be someone making a suggestion that could help you on your path. The conjunction with Uranus also hints at the need to take a chance, to break an old pattern or way of living, and to think or act outside the box. The message is very clear for this new moon: Don’t be afraid to embrace change if it presents itself.