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Cross the Chasm of Fear

Cross the Chasm of Fear Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

This November brings with it the challenges of second-house energies for all signs of the zodiac. This includes values, material possessions, and security. All members of the human kingdom will find themselves in search of what they value, what is important to them, and what it is impossible to live without. It might be experienced on every known level. Some might experience this spiritually with their long-held beliefs seeming to no longer serve them as they once did. Whether these beliefs are based on religious traditions or long-held societal rules about the world and how the people in it should behave, old ancestral value systems will be revealed for the limitations and opportunities they represent.

The core issue for all members of the human kingdom is how safe they feel, consciously and unconsciously. As the last of the visionary energies for future possibilities expressed by the Moon’s nodes wane, leaving the signs of Libra and Aries and moving into Virgo and Pisces, the human kingdom prepares to cross the chasm, of fear. To accomplish this, plunge into the depths of the chasm or acknowledge shadow fears, integrating them by moving through them toward love, thus building a bridge or growing wings that will allow you to traverse the chasm.

From now through the spring of 2017, the human kingdom will restructure, reorder, and reorganize its philosophies, hopes, dreams, and desires, choosing whether those will be expressed in love or fear, for each expression will greatly affect this restructuring of all life and the world. This is a time of powerful new directions that when empowered by the soul heart’s passion to imbibe loving, life-affirming energies into all thoughts, words, actions, and emotions, bring about these shifts in a smooth manner with flexibility and fluidity.