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Cosmic Love Is Dawning

Cosmic Love Is Dawning Lynn Buess

November will prove to be a time of reaction to previous events of upheaval and a period when humanity attempts to decipher, dissect, and accurately describe what the world has just been through in previous months. We are at the forefront of high-magnitude events that will drastically alter human experience.

Sexual abuse issues arise more prominently. The events with Jared Fogle, Bill Cosby, and England’s Jimmy Savile are miniscule compared to the abuse of women and children around the globe. Will the world wake up and take note of massive numbers of rape, blackmail, sexploitation, and trafficking? War zones, refugee encampments, regions governed by organized crime, and institutions with powerful social control remain sources of massive abuse. It is an issue that men are not likely to do much to alleviate.

This will be a productive time to look upward. What does that mean? Rewards come to those who put in the time to nurture a higher consciousness. Time spent tuning the upper chakras results in connections beyond. The sky is full of wonders day and night if you take the time to observe. Natural astronomical events and unexpected cosmic events, lights, shapes, ships, and surprises are available to the astute observer.