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Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness Juliano and the Arcturians and Vywamus and Archangel Michael through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. In this lecture, I want to look at unity consciousness in greater detail. I want to look at what it means, its different levels, and how you can use it on a personal, planetary, and universal basis. Some people have actually identified unity consciousness as cosmic consciousness. I think that is an interesting expansion of the words “unity consciousness.” The idea in cosmic consciousness, which is incidentally also true in unity consciousness, is very simple. There are cosmic laws throughout the universe, and these laws apply everywhere, no matter where you are in the universe. A second corollary from this is that it is possible to communicate and interact with cosmic energy, especially when one comes to the realization of the holographic nature of the universe. The holographic nature of the universe is intimately tied to both unity and cosmic consciousness. I will be using the terms “unity consciousness” and “cosmic” interchangeably here.

Duality and Polarization

I think you agree that the nature of this reality — namely, the third dimension on Earth — is characterized by duality and polarization. In fact, you probably also agree that during the past several years, the polarization and the duality have increased. We are in a time cycle now when the polarization is so strong that in many ways it appears as if war or further conflict is inevitable. I hesitate when I say war is inevitable because there are already hundreds of wars taking place on the planet, so to say that there is going to be war is nothing new. I think what you might be more concerned about is the possibility of war among major powers on this planet.