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The Biggest Filter of All

The Biggest Filter of All Kryon through Lee Carroll

18 July 2015, Salt Lake City, Utah

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It sometimes takes a moment or two to move into an area of consciousness that would allow for something like this [the channeling]. So many times, we have asked, “Is the man in the chair channeling or just giving his own opinion out of channel? Is the process that is claimed to be here actually here? Is there a door that is opened to Spirit at this moment or not?”

The answer is unique to each of you, and it is about your individual perception. We’ve talked about the many Human filters,1 and we’ve even revealed some akashic filters.2 These are some of the things that might keep you from recognizing Spirit or basic truth simply because of what you’ve learned in the past. Is this real or not?

Knowledge is this way. It has helped you many times, but not always. For instance, is this channeling real? You must discern and validate the process of channeling before you can ever believe the message. You have free choice, dear Human, to discern if this is accurate and true or not. It’s going to be important that you do this within this particular message, for I am going to give you some science and also some revelations of poor thinking. All of this is a benevolent push for you to recognize some things that are coming and perhaps change the way you think.