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Being Sensitive in an Insensitive World

Being Sensitive in an Insensitive World Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

What you call energy sensitivity is an evolutionary awakening to much deeper levels of understanding and wisdom. This deep wisdom only happens through some form of experience. This can be experience from other lifetimes or this lifetime, but most importantly, it is an experience in the form of a wide-open sensitivity to life and to all the creatures, characters, situations, and circumstances of life. Once you start to see your sensitivity as a true gift preparing you for a much more profound journey, you’ll start to reap the benefits and rewards of it. As long as you believe that your sensitivity is in your way — somehow detrimental, creating less energy, making your life harder — you will prove that to yourself through your experiences and reinforce the notion of sensitivity being difficult.

You clearly recognize that you are gathering all sorts of life experience from people, places, and things, and you’re doing it in such a way as to bring you to the state of maturity and wisdom that many people simply would have no access to. You will also come to recognize that none of this sensitivity has to be uncomfortable or painful. Oftentimes in the beginning process of awakening through sensitivity, there is discomfort because basically discomfort is your default signaling method calling in awareness. Discomfort gets your attention, and it causes your consciousness to get focused in particular ways.

The discomfort doesn’t have to continue to be your awareness signal. You can start to generate completely different awareness signals. You just have to start with understanding exactly what you are experiencing from a positive perspective, and then you will gain comfort with your sensitivity so that you can get the same information that previously was associated with discomfort with no discomfort whatsoever. Another signaling process develops when you claim the comfort of your sensitivity.