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Eagle Answers the Call

Hi Kim,

I wouldn’t ask this if it wasn’t important and I wasn’t worried — actually a little afraid, to be honest. A few years ago, a pair of ospreys began building a nest on the pole my husband, Bob, put up thirty years ago. They have been nesting there and have been raising babies ever since. For the past few summers, three chicks have been the max.

These ospreys mean so much to my husband. He even has a tattoo of one of “our” osprey on his left arm. This time of year, we are watching the nest constantly because the babies are getting ready to fly, one at a time. It’s quite exciting.

To make a long story short, an eagle snatched two of the chicks right out of the nest on Sunday. I witnessed the second snatch and scared the eagle off. Then I rescued the chick. It went to the area wildlife rehab center, but it was wounded too badly and couldn’t be saved.