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You Discover What You've Believed Isn't Real

You Discover What You've Believed Isn't Real Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia. These are interesting times for you. Are they not? On one hand, you are weighing the consequences of past collective actions that have moved humanity in ways that have resulted in strife and anguish. On the other hand, you are beginning to see collectively that the old and forceful ways are no longer tolerable.

As you watch the heightening tensions going on around Earth, you also sense that much of what is being released and brought to the consciousness of humankind is also happening on the human, individual level. It is normal, to desire with all of your hearts to be free of the chains that shackle humanity and yourselves. You rejoice at the thought of a world in which all humans are honored and supported in their quests for growth and greater enlightenment as souls. You yearn for the energy that you know as your true home, as the love of your soul. You yearn for those times when you can simply be without fear or self-judgment, when your thoughts freely create the higher frequencies of life, and when there are no distractions that say that life must push and pull against itself.

Many of you are tired of playing the human game in which the past creates the present and keeps you in a prison of doubt and fear. Yet many choose to move beyond those limiting thought forms, remembering that the heart of love has always burned as a flame of pure essence through all of your many journeys into darkness and through the acts of shutting yourselves off from the light of Source.