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We Have Reached the Point of No Return

We Have Reached the Point of No Return Donna Taylor

The first half of November looks set to be intense as a group of planets aligns in Scorpio while Mars and Pluto join forces in Capricorn. It is the latter that we need to keep a watchful eye on because as the conjunction becomes exact, it will form a tense right angle to the revolutionary and rebellious Uranus. Between November 7 and November 11, we need to be especially mindful and conscious of our emotional states. When expressed unconsciously, this combination could be destructive (through word or actions), and any existing tensions are likely to hit a boiling point.

However, channeled constructively, we will have enormous power to transform either ourselves or some area of our lives. Mars and Pluto — especially when Uranus is involved — take no prisoners, so the back end of the first week and the early part of the second week could be volatile. However, passionate outbursts, sudden anger, or unpredictable, shocking actions are an indication that something needs to change. So if we find ourselves enmeshed in a little drama, life begins to feel rather intense, or we feel like we can't keep the lid on something anymore, we should take it as a sign that something needs to happen.

For some people, November will bring a point of no return from which realization hits that things can't go on the way they have been and that something needs to change. This realization may come around the time of the full moon in Taurus on November 6. This is likely to be a time when emotions are heightened and people react without thinking, but once the dust has settled and people have calmed down, clarity will emerge at what needs to be done.