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The Tone Is in the Bone

The Tone Is in the Bone The Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al. through Arthur Fanning

We've got to prepare the bodies is what this is about now. We're preparing bodies with information. Once they hear the words, they can kind of reflect on them, but the pauses that I put in here are for chemical reactions to occur as the thinking process hits the body, so the bones have got to be trained to a new understanding — well, not only the bones, but also the part that's overlaid in the flesh. They're trying to educate the flesh this time. The bones already know it.

Finding Adam in the Cave of Your Heart

Now, what is occurring now within the physical density, your bodies, within your physical body, you can understand it, as you are a pilot of an airplane. You are the pilot of your body in your walking thing. The heart muscle, the heart consciousness, is beginning to be affected in a manner that it begins to like, now, being in the body (the heart itself). Personality understanding of the heart. It is relishing its own beating. So the heart is starting to begin to be allowed (because the construct of not allowance is within the human condition), the heart is being able, to realize it's being allowed to understand itself within the body as a self, its personality. And it's residing there now within the form called a body in a manner that it is going to begin to love it, to love itself in the body. Not fighting and constructing and not (what you would say) doubting self.

The chambers there, the four chambers in the heart, meet at a particular point within the heart; there is a little cave there. It's a White Light that resides within the dark cave there. All right? Now this part, here (the cave and the white light there) is Adam, seeing himself as you and remembering the line he came from as Adam in the garden, eh, and out; and the responsibility for waking up the condition of himself, Adam, within the human, man, is the joy now of coming forth of himself as Adam, realized in the understanding of your own personal name. So in divine heritage (we'll call it), Adam is relishing himself as Adam yet through your name. That's what's working with the name. He knows himself as Adam, yet he is enjoying the process of your name. He understands the letters, and he's (we'll say) functioning in a rescue manner. That's why all the great teachers say, "Be in the heart, the heart chakra." Well, that's a start.