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Soul Shapes and Their Functions

Soul Shapes and Their Functions Archangel Metatron and the Goddess of Mathematics and Science, Sri Roopeshwari through Rae Chandran

Blessings and greetings to all. Today we would like to discuss the topic of shapes. Have you ever wondered why there are shapes in the world? What are the functions of these shapes? Why aren't shapes all the same? Why is the human body shaped like the ones we have and not like those in other realities? Understanding shapes can enhance your life experience, for there are certain shapes that have a frequencial sameness with the human being's frequencies. For example, the shape of a circle has almost the same frequency as a human being, whereas the shape of a square does not have the same vibrational frequency. Why is this so?

There are billions of people on the planet and all with different frequencies. The soul takes a particular shape for its reincarnation to achieve what it sets out to do. Although all souls are equal, for different incarnational purposes in different realities, the soul may choose different shapes. In addition to this, depending on the deep connection you have with different star systems and galaxies, you might choose to have the shape of a particular star system or galaxy depending on what the soul is trying to achieve in your lifetime. Knowing what the soul has chosen as its shape in this incarnation can be very beneficial, for then you will be able to match with the same or similar shapes available here on this Earth plane.

For example, if your soul has chosen a shape, such as an elongated diagonal form, then connecting with any elongated diagonal form can be very supportive for you. This elongated diagonal form can be in any format. Let us say, a desk you use daily, a painting you see daily, a fruit or vegetable you consume frequently, and so forth. Any objects or materials you associate with on a daily basis that have a similar shape can help you maintain your high frequency, especially if you are conscious of it, then the frequency can be enhanced very much.