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Singularity and the Space Between

Singularity and the Space Between Simion through Amariah Mara

It is the space between what you perceive as matter that holds the true essence of creation. When you can grasp and feel that the space between really is not space at all but rather the oneness and endless creation with no time frame, you will begin to free your mind from the limits of your illusory reality. For the sake of your understanding, imagine all the space that exists between atoms and particles. Picture yourself being able to walk in and around the particles. Hence, perceive how physical objects are actually not solid.

As you move around within the object, you will no longer conceive the time in which the object exists. You would be beyond the motion of the pieces of matter and their movement from one place to the next in a relative dance with one another. The space between exists outside the envelope of time. This topic may appear irrelevant to your everyday life. However, an awareness of where you and your physical creations fit into (and beyond) the so-called fabric of the space-time continuum is of the utmost importance to your awakening soul.

The Singularity of the Space Between

We have discussed the nature of your soul as a multidimensional being of source energy and how your awareness is developing as an expression of creation. We have delved into the grid of light energy and fields that make up your environment as well as how you can tap into this core matrix of information. Now we wish to go further into how the matrixes of many physical realities exist in a singleness outside of the framework of time and how you can create more effectively by stepping between the grid fabric to experience the true oneness of everything.