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Shamanic Wisdom: The Use of Invocation and Intention in Shamanism and Energy Medicine

Shamanic Wisdom: The Use of Invocation and Intention in Shamanism and Energy Medicine Jan Engels-Smith

The reason for an invocation is to inform yourself and the spirit world, to a lesser extent, that you are beginning a process of connecting with them. Intentionally, you are invoking particularly compassionate helping spirits to assist you in making this connection. Be very clear who you call in to your experience; always intending the spirits to be compassionate and healing. Set boundaries to prevent lower frequency vibrations from emerging, and focus on beseeching your protecting spirits. I solicit deities from many different traditions and cultures, such as Egyptian goddesses, Hindu protectors, and the archangels.

Call on Protective Spirits and Declare Intentions

I tend to be very eclectic in my spirit approach and do not adhere to a particular cultural form. For me, energy medicine is universal and unlimited by rigid practices. I request the spirits to enter my space as well as my person, and I only let in energies as great as self or greater, so I am automatically protected from lower frequency or negative energies by stating that intention. Whenever I am involved in ceremony — or when I am performing healing ceremonies — I always call in protecting spirits. Be responsible for yourself in any ceremony or any time you create contact with other realms: Call in your own protecting spirits and your own allies. Always take care of yourself. Stating a clear intention will create safety. Trust the process.

At the end of the invocation, I declare an intention for the purpose of the invocation. This practice is based on the fact that energy follows intention. I believe that intention forms an experience. If you could develop a habit of declaring an intention when you get in the car, when you go to the grocery store, or when you pick up the phone, you will be amazed at how this deliberate act will alter the situation in a positive way. Consciously create through intention instead of leaving outcome to randomness. Intention generates an energy, and that energy creates an outcome.