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The Quiet Diet

The Quiet Diet Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. You are a being of great energy and potential. Conscious focus of your energy can create a flow that will grow increasingly higher in vibrational purity. There are no guarantees of perfection or personal safety with the arrival of a higher vibrational existence, but you can increase your potential for happiness and health in the physical realm by being aware of the direction you use your personal energy and also by becoming cognizant of the types of energetic situations you allow to affect your daily experiences.

From the higher perspective of the spiritual realm, we see difficulties ahead for many. There are, however, solutions and alternatives to many of the challenges being presented on the planet today and in the near future. It is always vital to first create a balance of energy in your personal life. Most often, when the topic of purifying your physical form is presented, the focus becomes food and drink and returning to a more natural diet. While important, there is much more to the physical experience.

Mental Noise

This current modern world is vastly different from any society that has preceded it. You are offered more information on a daily basis than the majority of humanity was able to access in all time before now. Much of this data is unnecessary and extremely temporary in its importance. As a human, you are also pressed constantly with light and sound. Scent also plays a key role in hyperstimulating your physical system.