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Parameters of Possibility

Parameters of Possibility Rainbow Walker through Matthew Douglas

The time in which you find yourself is a time to erase the parameters of possibilities (societal rules, beliefs, and limitations). These are drawn throughout your life and continue to be reinforced. Who draws them and why?

Drawing in Pencil

The parameters, or lines, are drawn using the "pencils of possibilities." The pencils can be reporters, politicians, teachers, physicians, parents, or anyone else of authority or influence. A few examples of these parameters of possibilities are the ideas that you are not good enough: "If you don't go to college, then you will never amount to anything" or "Just get a job to get by; your dreams can wait."

Anyone can insert parameters of possibilities into your life, and then you live your life by those parameters. You live your life within those lines, within those parameters of possibilities, or parameters of illusions. However you would like to say it or however you would like to look at it, these parameters are drawn in pencil because they can be erased. But it is by your own actions and by your own mind that they are erased. It is by your thoughts and actions that they cannot be drawn again, if you so choose to not let them.