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Only You

Only You All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

Many of you think or feel that you are only here on your planet for yourself, that what you do is not important, and that what you do only affects you. This is not true by any stretch of the imagination or in total reality. Therefore, the information that we are providing here is a message for each person who reads this text. The following information is truth. It is fact. What you do with it is, of course, up to each one of you.

Your life is created by you with the assistance of many, and everything that has occurred within your life span up until now has made you the wonderful person you are. And you are wonderful, regardless of what you have been told in the past or who told you it. You are perfect just as you are in and of yourself. This means that due to the circumstances and situations in your life, you have given yourself the unique opportunity to assist others in raising their vibrational levels through your personal experiences. This means that only you can touch the spirits of some of your others who need empowerment. This means that, yes, you are an instrument of ours. You who are reading this page have purpose and reason for living and assisting others; it is why you are alive.

Steer Others to the Lifeboat

Now, of course, what you do with this vital information is up to you, for, yes, you have a choice. Yet know that your choice will affect many. Some of you may feel that the choice to disregard the fact that you can empower others will not make a difference. However, it will. The overlooking or minimizing of such will leave many still lost without direction in the sea of humanity. They will be floating, unable to come ashore because the very source of what they need, the life preserver — you — will not get in the boat to paddle out to give them the devices that will enable them to grow and come into self.