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The Journey Back Home

The Journey Back Home Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, beloved beings, greetings to you! We are Expanded Consciousness, and we flow forth to speak with you on the topic of fear and its pattern that resides within the cause and effect. This pattern at times determines the nature of how you perceive your own cause and effect and, more so, the perception of your Earthly human residence in what is called humanity.

You see, our beloved ones, long ago there was a development of what is called fear and a development of a reaction to something that was missing, something held that was dear yet had become illusive. That something, of course, was the true nature of your own being — the knowledge that you were of the whole and that you and what you call home have never been separate and would never be separated from each other — and the truth that you and Home were one in the same.

In the Physical Realm You Forgot

However, in this journey on Earth, there came the density of physicality, and it was the density that thrilled you initially simply because you had never entered into such a manner of being. When you did enter into the density of matter, of physicality, you began to feel yourself differently — as explorers; you delved further into this strange new experience. And it was there and then that you began to forget.

Of course your forgetting was not deliberate. It was not even conscious. You simply became so very involved in exploring the density of physicality that you did not notice that you were forgetting the true nature of who you were and are and that you were also forgetting Home.