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Hologram of the Heart

Hologram of the Heart eM through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones, I am eM. I have come with the very special intent to help you land energy on planet Earth and to help you bring your higher self in connection to everything you are doing. I have come in with a balanced energy. Many of you think that means that there is no sexuality. That is not the case, however. This energy is balanced in all areas. When you pretend to be a human, you must decide which side you will be on.

When you have many incarnations in one area, you tend to come back in that way over and over again, which is the challenging part of it, even as a spirit. Right now you are seeing more influx of the feminine and more balanced energies raised on planet Earth. This triggers the discord, force, and takeover that you are witnessing today, because the old energies — the masculine energies — are here.

How do you work with this? Many of you turn on the television and get so discouraged that you turn it off again. Yes, dear ones, there are many difficult energies that you see on your planet right now as a result of this wave of light that came in. It came in from a number of different sources, but basically you brought it in with you. All the new energies that are here — including the Crystals, the Indigos, and every part of it — have come in at a higher level of this connection. As such, you have brought in a new energy of balanced power, which is a challenge for many of you, but you foresaw this. Many of you saw what was going to take place on planet Earth and have positioned yourselves accordingly.