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The Fast-Track System

The Fast-Track System Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. In the process called "channeling," my partner steps aside, and in through what you would call the portal of the pineal gland comes a pure stream of intuition in real time. It is delivered in a way you have defined as channeling, and in the process, it's important that my partner's filters step aside as well.

The filters are Human filters of correctness, judgment, and Human experience — all things that can bias a message such as this. This is what he has practiced for twenty-five years, getting to a point at which he can be open to the degree in which there is very limited bias of thought. In other words, he has to put his Humanism aside to allow pure messages to flow in without altering them from what he thinks they might mean.

There are those in this assemblage [Channel's Note: in the auditorium] who can discern this and who know that the messages are real. This is something we count on: that in a place like this, there are lightworkers who know the difference and would be able to sense the integrity of the truth and purity of my messages through my partner. These are the ones who would see that there is no agenda here except one: the joy of congratulations in what is taking place here.