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The Eternal Light of Metatron

The Eternal Light of Metatron Metatron through Judith K. Moore

The cosmic channels of light are opened on the planet now. You will feel this message on a deep soul level. I am Metatron. I have guided you with my light and held you dear to the presence of the God-source as a child of the light.

There are those souls who know and appreciate their connections to the eternal source of oneness, for they have not entered into the illusion that they are separate from the source of love. Thou art such a being of light. You are of the light; you were born of the light. Your soul knows the presence and the power of the infinite source of love that is the God-source in all consciousness and all energies of creation, because you have never departed from the sacred knowledge that you are the sons and daughters of the light.

Children of Light Are One with God

To be human is to live in a world of illusion and chaos at times but also to open to the great discovery of the first embrace of union, the ability through the descent of the Holy Spirit to become one with the God-source. The times of epiphany lift the soul up to the pure bliss of the harmony of oneness. The times of epiphany are the promises that encourage the soul when the persona endures the test of duality and separation.