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Believe and It Will Be So

Believe and It Will Be So Spirits of Love through Thelma Bodnar

"Show me," you say, "and then I will believe." We say, "Believe, and you will be shown!" At no other time in the history of humans has that been a more appropriate motto than now. Even as we speak to one another, new ways are upon you, new ideas are bombarding your minds, and chaos is intense around your planet.

You, being the chosen ones, are called on to find your truth, set your boundaries of beliefs, and believe that all is perfect for you. Believe you are powerful, and you will be powerful. Believe all is well, and all will be well. Believe in your self as divine, and you will experience your divine self. There is no real work here, just believing in action. There is no need for fear, as true belief manifests what you believe. If I tell you that you are cherished but you don't see that as truth, you will still be cherished but will never experience the feeling.

You Choose Your Experiences

You have experienced multiple lifetimes, yet each one has been different for you — a different body, different experiences, different cultures, different perceptions. But in each of them, you developed a belief system and brought it into your reality. It is no different this time, except in this lifetime, you know that you are creating your life as you think it. You are manifesting your life by what you choose to see; by what you close your eyes to; and by what you love, hate, fear, excuse, perceive, demonstrate, and believe.