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Appreciate What Earth Offers Freely

Appreciate What Earth Offers Freely Quadro and Galon through Robert Shapiro



I am known as Quadro. You might spell it Q-U-A-D-R-O. I hope you don't mind my coming to you. I'm not of Earth. I am at a distance, but I have visited Earth some years ago. You would say I am an ET. You expressed some interest in lightning.

Yes. [In a discussion with Robert before the channeling.]

That is my area of study, and we could talk about that. I'm particularly interested in red and blue lightning. I don't know if you've seen that, but if you see your own lightning up close, you will see those colors in it, not unlike what you might see in a rainbow, only more compact. It's possible you might even see that in electricity if you happen to be a little too close to it. Of course, you wouldn't necessarily want to see that. Red and blue lightning are very fascinating to me. There are planets where red and blue lightning are absolutely essential for life. There are some elements in the colors that are directly correlated to (not what you would say on other planets, but what you would say on Earth) the spaces between other planets.