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Your Holy Relationship to Everything

Your Holy Relationship to Everything Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Greetings. What magnetic forces are at play today, bringing each individual into a new awareness of how they participate in the remembrance of love that is eternal! I ask each one of you to bring forth a new vibration and extend it, allowing the ripples of your majestic beauty to unfold. The strength of you is majestic like a mountain, and each one of you is a Source that holds all that you ever have been and ever will be in every atom of your cells.

Discover the Vastness of Your Own Mind

You are the Source. You are the Source that makes this reality vibrant and makes your world open beyond what you and others can imagine. I thank you for being here, being strummed, and becoming tuned to the reality that your love conquers all. We are here to celebrate holy relationships that are eternally yours, for you are all interdependent in every particle that vibrates.

You are the integral piece, for you as you share your love, emotions, heart, mind, and body, you provide the vibrant force that allows this world of yours to become brilliant in sound, in color, in joy, and in fun. The holiest relationship is to know how you interact with the world, with Mother Earth, and with all the energy exchanges that are here for you to engage with, and to know them as deeply and intimately as you know yourself and how you interact within your body.