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Your Focus Is on Your Own Journey

Your Focus Is on Your Own Journey Merlin through Miriandra Rota

Well now, here we are once again, my dears, to speak of something most fascinating: you and your journey! And it is within your journey that you are able to discern exactly what? You are able to discern the condition of your consciousness and your conscious participation within what you have been calling your emergence. Yes, emergence is real — very real — and it is happening right now and will be intensifying and increasing during the beginning of the next year. But what I'd like to speak with you about is this year, and more so, about right now.

You see, you have been struggling along, improving your manner of experiencing the unfolding of your cause and effect to demonstrate to yourself where you have been placing your priorities, your heart yearnings, and your basic desires for the fulfillment of your goals and dreams. Yet something else has also been occurring. And what is that? It is exactly what I'd like to speak with you about.

You see, perhaps long ago, you discovered that your old manifestation techniques weren't really working like they used to, and the more you tried to make things happen, the less they occurred. In your slang vocabulary, you went "back to the drawing board" and scrutinized what you had been doing. You also, perhaps, studied different manifestation techniques. And then what? As you have the phrase, you went at it again.