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You Are God's Innocent Creation

You Are God's Innocent Creation The Angels of Healing and Transformation through Rev. Daniel Neusom

We are most grateful to have this opportunity to address those who will receive the healing love and the grace transmitted through the words we speak through this channel.

We want you to know that you are never stuck in any circumstance, life situation, or emotional/mental state. You are consciousness, energy, and heart, and you are inextricably connected to the source of life itself. Free will is always operative and you must choose to avail yourself of all of the love, healing, and help God always sends to you in every moment of now.

You Unconditionally Deserve Transformation, Joy, and Fulfilment

In our work with humanity through this channel, we are teaching you the fact of your eternal innocence. You come to Earth weighed down by your feelings of guilt and your judgement of yourself that is based on your past ways of expressing and experiencing yourself before your present life. So, in truth, you are born with and into a consciousness of guilt. You also bring with you your real eternal self and the part of yourself that is free and liberated. It is the task of that free, liberated self to heal and transform the part of you that has believed in guilt.