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Working with Dimensions

Working with Dimensions The Council of 12 through Selacia

Have you ever experienced something in the past — this life or another one — bleeding into your present? This kind of timeline interaction has always occurred, yet now in the more quantum energies, people like you with expanded awareness are beginning to have more tangible knowing of these things. Most likely, you can sense possible past-life connections when first meeting someone who seems very familiar, who may be brandnew in a linear way, yet your comfort or discomfort when first seeing him or her is sourced from the quantum realms.

You can't know for sure, but you can sense that you know each other across time. As you connect with that knowing and inquire within for a deeper understanding, you may receive intuitive flashes about past-life connections. This sort of time bridge can be experienced with people you are getting to know personally or professionally or with strangers you don't expect to see again.

You live in a quantum reality in which past, present, future, and parallel energies can have an impact on your present. As you grow spiritually, you become even more aware of this, and you seek ways to understand and appropriately respond in these situations. Understanding is the first step. This includes a conscious recognition that much of what you see in the world — including faces of "new" people — is not exactly as it appears. Your brain interprets what you see, after all, and if you are looking merely at the surface level, the other dimensions will be hidden. Factor that in as you interact in the world from now on.