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Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology Kushal Kumar

The planetary movements presented here for November 2013 have been given as per sidereal zodiac, which is 24°3´ less than the more common tropical zodiac. Further, the impact of the movements of different planets has been analyzed using the Moon as the point of focus. This means that there are twelve signs of focus, and each sign is a lunar ascendant, also known as the moon sign at birth.

You would be naturally curious to want to know how to determine which lunar ascendant you belong to in order to learn the impact that relates to your sign. Once you know the longitude of your natal (birth) moon as per the tropical zodiac — which is the zodiac mostly followed in the West — it will be easy to determine your sidereal natal (birth) moon, which is followed here.

Knowing that those reading this are practically within one hundred years of age, a deduction of about 23° from the longitude of the tropical natal moon can be made to identify the sidereal position for reading the predictions made here. In my opinion, this shortcut method has been found to work correctly in almost all cases. However, if you would like to be 100 percent exact, consult the Vedic ephemeris for movement of the Moon and other planets using the time and date of your birth.