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Twin Soul Love

Twin Soul Love Simion through Amariah Mara

We are Simion, the evolutionary collective. We begin the discussion of romantic love relationships with the ultimate kind: twin souls or twin flames, as they have been called. We do so because this next decade will see record numbers of twin souls uniting on Earth. This drawing together was planned for and is the result of the efforts of lightworkers over the past seventy-some years. Much has been written and discovered about this special soul bond, and we will add to the current understanding.

How Twin Souls Come to Be

What do we mean by twin souls? When every spark of consciousness is born in the universe, it is born whole from the consciousness of oneness. As it ventures out to experience its own creative force, it divides into two in the second dimension. Thus the soul spark divides into two distinct but forever connected soul sparks, each expressing the opposite of one another but also retaining the highest spark of the other.

As the two souls develop, they experience more duality in the third dimension. As they become more aware of the truth of existence in approaching the fourth-dimensional perspective, they are drawn together again to create something new that they can only do together with their highest aspect found in the other spark.