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Remember Your Roots beyond the Stars

Remember Your Roots beyond the Stars The Friends through Riz Mirza

You may call us the Friends. Where we are in this point, this point in time and space, is no different than where you are — where you're from and where you'll return. We are no more advanced than you. You are no less advanced than we are.

Why have we come? What interest in you do we have? We have every interest in your world. We have every interest in the world for you. Do you? You are larger and brighter than you can ever imagine. You are angels, some of you in disguise. You feel as if your feet are on the ground, yet they float on matter. You are unaware of even your physical surroundings, for you mistake them as a reality, although you ponder how to manipulate this energy with your mind. Yet you feel your mind does not exist. You are focused in a particular point in time, in an area of consciousness. You feel that you have come from this source.

Connection and Disconnection from Your God Selves

When you wonder about civilizations that are perhaps only in your dreams or visions, you have visions of a physical world of structure, an energetic structure from which, perhaps, you think we come or in which you think we live. What is beyond these structures?