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Multidimensional Love

Multidimensional Love Archangel Michael and Mother Mary through Carol Sydney

Greetings, my beloveds. By nature, you are simple creatures. You are both human and divine, as you know. Because of this, you have desires that often conflict with one another. This was never truer than in love relations and divine relations regarding the human heart. In one sense, there is always harmony between both. In quite another sense, there is massive confusion. Have you not yet figured out that love in all ways is the same?

In Divine Time

Now that we approach the shining of love from all frequencies, it is time to reveal to you what the human heart has to offer you. It is time to show you how it plays into humanity at large and between spaces you have never before even glimpsed. Do you not yet understand that your human heart is the greatest of all the guidance mechanisms you possess? Oh yes, the heart is the highest of companions for Creator Itself. The human heart is of Creator. Yes, have no doubt about this. How else do you think you are capable of love? Through the intellect?

To say that the intellect is capable of loving is to say that a bird's feet allows it to fly. I assure you, the bird listening to you will not even be tempted to jump off a branch in an attempt to fly upside down by its feet! Why? It trusts itself. It leans to its own experience. From experience, it has always flown with its wings.