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Interdimensional Doorways Are Opening

Interdimensional Doorways Are Opening The Hathors through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The Christian celebration of Allhallows (All Saints' Day), November 1, 2013, brings with it the energies of Venus conjunct the galactic center, signaling the Mother of All Creation to open her heart and share knowledge, wisdom, and truth born of experience throughout eons. Since all members of the human kingdom are born from the stars, ultimately they will return to the stars. So the Mother of All Creation feeds the soul heart throughout the next two Earth calendar months. Those open to balanced reciprocity will release their fears, facilitating owning as well as expressing their true essence.

This portal day — when interdimensional doorways are open widest facilitating the departure of souls ready to return Home — is aligned planetarily, creating a six-pointed star, or multidimensional merkabah, in the heavens. This star includes the planet Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo, the Moon's south node in Taurus, (which creates a Grand Earth Trine), Chiron in Pisces, Kronos in Cancer and the Sun, and Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio (which creates a Grand Water Trine). This is a shift of energies designed to further align Earth and all its inhabitants with the cosmic flow. The devic, imaginary, elemental, human, and angelic kingdoms of Earth will begin actively working with the energies of transformation — the phoenix spirit-fire initiation energies — as they receive and apply guidance from the Creator and integral kingdoms about the necessary shifts required to bring all into balanced reciprocity.

Those Earth midwives who have committed to facilitating these shifts will receive communications from the Gaia, Isis, Hathor, Panden, Osiris, and P'taah archetypal energies. These communications will contain information for negotiating new assignments in spiritual, etheric, emotional, mental, and physical Earth energy work that is necessary during the coming thirteen years to align cosmically in balanced reciprocity with All That Is. Sound, toning, chanting, drumming, and dancing, as well as other forms of celebration will be rebirthed into a variety of expanded expressions during the coming eighteen months in order to facilitate these shifts in a smooth, easy manner. Though the human kingdom's active participation is no longer required, it is beneficial for easing the transitions necessary for the attainment of balanced reciprocity.