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Find the Relationship You Have Dreamed Of

Find the Relationship You Have Dreamed Of Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

Channel's Note: This channeling was given at a celebration of Mary Magdalene's feast day.

Blessings, my dear ones. This is Mary Magdalene, and I am so happy to be here with you tonight. I thank you so much for gathering in my honor through this celebration on this day, which has been selected as a time of remembering me and connecting with me. I am so happy to connect with you and have this time with you. Thank you so much, dear ones.

My heart is so full of love in this moment. I hope that you are able to feel it. I am full of love for all of you. I am full of love for all beings. But in this gathering at this time, I am especially full of love. I am so grateful to you for opening to me and to so many beautiful beings of light. Of course, you are also a beautiful being of light. I see you that way, and more and more I see that you know yourself that way. That is something that I also celebrate, for that is part of what humanity is growing into at this time — each of you knowing yourselves as beings of light, which you absolutely are and always have been. Other beings and I are helping you to recognize this, to grow fully into this, and to be the manifestation of light that you have come to be.

So I am celebrating you at this time. I am celebrating this amazing time on Earth, which, of course, I have spoken about in the past. But I feel it so strongly now that I want to acknowledge it once again. This is an amazing time, which you have all chosen to be here for, to participate in, and to support. You have chosen to help others in their passage through this time, in their evolution and growth into a new age, a new consciousness — most definitely a new world — for all of you. This is a new time of knowing yourselves in a much greater way as the beings of light that you are.