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Choose Love from This Moment Forward

Choose Love from This Moment Forward The Sage Council through Jonni Gray & Cheryl Rose

Before each of you incarnated, when you sat in the ethers, you sat in your energetic fields with the accumulation of all the lifetimes you had assimilated up until that point. In the preincarnate stage, you were balls of energy, waiting with anticipation to enter the next phase of your choice.

When you are in that ball-of-energy state, there are infinite choices. As energy, you can choose to stay in the energetic form and assist the universe and its evolution. You can also choose to incarnate on one of the many different life form planets in the universe.

We wish to remind each of you connecting with this lesson that you chose to come to planet Earth. You chose to incarnate as who you are; your third-dimensional projection that constitutes you on the planet was based on all of your choosing. You had input in every aspect of this current lifetime.