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Beyond Space and Time: an Exploration of the Higher Dimensions

Beyond Space and Time: an Exploration of the Higher Dimensions Yahweh through Kathryn May

First, I would like to answer some of the questions Kathryn has brought to me. There has been a lot of talk about the ascension process and how Gaia is elevating herself to the fifth dimension and above. But we have not clearly explained what that entails, what is different about the fifth dimension versus the third, where the fourth comes in, and what happens above the fifth dimension.

The Significance of the Space between Particles

It is very difficult to explain what a dimension is in language. We usually resort to analogies and metaphors because a thirddimensional brain is not equipped to picture these things, but we'll try to be as clear as possible and at least describe what the differences are. As you know, your experience of the thirddimensional world is one defined by time and space. You see it with your eyes as perspective; you see that things have depth, breadth, and distance. This gives the appearance that the things around you are made up of solid mass that you can touch, see, measure, and weigh.

In fact, as your scientists have discovered, this could not be further from the truth. The things around you only appear to be solid. They are actually made up of atoms and molecules that contain tiny bits of matter and enormous amounts of space between them. However, the energy contained in the molecules is not limited to or created only by the mass or the action of the mass. Einstein's famous theory based on the velocity of the speed of light was only true under certain limited circumstances.