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Ascension through Unified Cosmic Consciousness

Ascension through Unified Cosmic Consciousness The Blue Starborn through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Channel's Note: In 2008 Kira Raa was given the image of a crop circle that would only appear if humanity arrived at a critical moment. She was asked to keep it in a sealed envelope only to be opened if it came forward. On July 22, 2011, that crop circle manifested in full form and welcomed the era of unification energy for all of humanity. This channel was delivered from within the center of the crop circle within hours of its divine formation. It was asked that this message be shared with all of humanity near the end of 2013. May your heart discover this deep blessing of unification and Oneness.

Beloved ones of great light, great love, and great cosmic energy, the divine moment is indeed at hand for you. This divine moment is not for one; it is for all. We gaze at you before us with the great recognition of divine light and call this light forward for you and for all to recognize and to be with.

The Divine Union Is at Hand

Beloved angels of great world service, the divine union that is now at hand must be with all of the creations of your exploded, expansionary experience of light. The limitations that have previously been placed on you are cocreatively manifested limitations that have been brought forth for you to have the experience of great density. Within the great density, it is now the moment of divine illumination that is transcendent beyond that which is created in the mind cell of a human form. This transcendent, divine illumination is now ready to be cocreated through the universal cell of the divine mind.