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Adjustments Here and There

Adjustments Here and There Stephanie Clement

The astrology chart for November has a heavy emphasis on the need for adjustment. Sometimes what we need to do is just give in to pressure and adjust our own thinking or feelings. We don't want to, but it is the only sensible way to proceed forward. This is one of those times. This month, there are four stars that pass overhead between about 11:30am and 1:00pm for most of you readers. Each of them has qualities that you can use to help you manage those pesky adjustments!

Alkalurops, a star in the constellation Boötes, is near the spearhead. This suggests that whatever you are trying to do, you will want to adjust your aim a bit. Consider outcomes before you begin, for one thing. Then consider your original idea again. Will it help you and others as much as you think? Use your daily meditation to consider possibilities, and adapt your course.

Ceginus is another star in Boötes, even farther from the spear. If you follow your original thought, your ball will sail way out in left field, maybe even into foul territory — not good. Adjustment is definitely necessary. In this case, you need to think fast and hit the ball just a fraction sooner. This may seem counterintuitive to taking time for meditation. However, if you meditate regularly, you will find that you are able to make adjustments more fluidly and more quickly.