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What Is Our True Purpose?

What Is Our True Purpose? The Orion through Bente Hansen

Greetings! We, the Orion, have been connected to the beloved Earth for eons. We hold her in sacredness. She is a magical being. She is an organism filled with light and energy in much the same way that you are.

The form you take is obviously very different from Earth, yet there is no difference. You are a being of light. You are an organism that has consciousness and awareness. What does it mean? Why are you here playing out the dramas? We are sure you have asked these questions and many others on countless occasions. We know that you have attempted, in your own ways, to define the reasons for your being, to define the reason for being in creation, and to sustain some level of comprehension and understanding as to what may appear to be a very enigmatic puzzle for you.

It really is not a puzzle. As you have read and learned, all that exists is pure energy. That pure energy has consciousness. Because it has consciousness, it has free will to be and to create as it desires. This means that at times creation may seem chaotic; other times you may have the awareness that there is peace. Of course, there are many other states between those two.