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The Truth Transforms All in Its Path

The Truth Transforms All in Its Path The Loving Caretakers through Miriandra Rota

Beloved beings, greetings to you! It is a great pleasure to be speaking with you in this manner, for within the heart of your being resides those wonderings that ask the simple questions, "When will this all end? When will the movement begin? When will we actually step into a new way of living, a new way of being, in which we will rejoice at being with those who are centered in love and peace? When?" And it is to that which resides within your heart's questioning that we do speak in this manner.

Within the Truth of Who You Are Resides a Great Power

Though many have struggled and though many feel as though they are what you would call "on hold," the truth remains that you are rising now as a great phoenix from the dust of that which has been. And while the external world continues to give you the impression that you are still residing in the burning of the old and waiting for the new, the truth remains that within you and within the truth of who you are resides a great force, a great power.

You are breathing forth that power, that truth that says the natural rhythm of the taking of form and the releasing of form begs to be made manifest. And it is within your yearning and your questioning that the pathway flows forth. What pathway? Hear these words! As you feel as though you are on hold, as you wonder when the movement will bring you to the fruition of your dreams, your inner beauty flows forth on your yearning for truth to be made manifest. And it is your yearning that is the pathway for the essence of truth to flow forth.