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The Noosphere

The Noosphere Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings. I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. I want to focus more on this wonderful concept of the noosphere. The noosphere can be compared to the planetary subconscious, but it is more than the planetary subconscious. To understand the noosphere, we have to understand the composition of the universe. We have to understand that there are subatomic particles that are related to thought waves. These subatomic thought particles have not been discovered, yet the medium — the particle waves — exist in all parts of the universe that allow thought waves to be transmitted. These particles are special and have many unique properties that would not be found in normal particle physics. For example, a thought wave that is being transmitted through this type of thought particle is capable of traveling faster than the speed of light. In fact, these particles can transport thoughts instantaneously across vast distances throughout the galaxy.

This is important in our discussion because Earth is now receiving thought energy and thought particles from the Central Sun. The Central Sun, which is also known as the center of our galaxy, has been estimated to be 35,000 light–years from Earth. If one were traveling at the speed of light, the thoughts and energy from the Central Sun would take 35,000 years to reach Earth, so there has to be another mechanism for thoughts to reach us more quickly from that area of the galaxy. There has to be another type of particle transportation wave that can work with transmitting thoughts.

Thought Particles, Hyperspace, and the Void

The unique particles I am referring to in this lecture are called thought particles. These thought particles have the ability to interact with other dimensions, and these thought particles also have the ability to travel and work in interdimensional space. Clearly, to travel the vast distances from the center of the galaxy to Earth requires the ability to transcend normal dimensional energies and go into interdimensional space. Interdimensional space is also composed of several various components. One of these is called hyperspace. You have probably heard that word before. Hyperspace can be defined as "above or beyond space." But also in interdimensional realms, there is what I would call "the energy of the void."