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Master Jesus and the Christ Consciousness

Master Jesus and the Christ Consciousness Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

We are talking about the Christ consciousness today. Some of you think of the Christ consciousness as Master Jesus, but Jesus was a man who later embodied the Christ consciousness. The keyword here is "consciousness." The Christ is a consciousness and the most empowering energy ever experienced by anyone in this dimension. The Christ energy visited the Earth plane about 2,000 years ago in the form of Master Jesus to show you how to be the Christ consciousness on Earth.

You see, you pass through the energy of the Christ consciousness only after you have completed all that you want to on your Earth journey and then return your essence to the Creator. So, for anyone to fully embody that energy in a human life, as Master Jesus did, is empowering beyond your wildest imaginings.

True Healing Must Come from Within

Master Jesus's journey as the Christ was not easy. On the human side, he was frustrated with his journey, because wherever he went, crowds of people begged for his touch and begged for healings, but he was supposed to teach them how to heal themselves. When Master Jesus was going into Damascus, he was already the Christ consciousness. Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene were ahead of him, telling the people that a healer was coming. The people poured out onto the streets because they wanted to be healed. He would touch them and heal them right there on the spot.