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Helping the Planet by Loving the Self

Helping the Planet by Loving the Self Amma through Cathy Chapman

Good morning, my precious ones. What a delightful day it is! Wherever you are, it is a day filled with delight and wonder. Every day is filled with delight and wonder. If you would, just go outside and notice how the grass is growing and the trees are singing with the exact mission they chose to do, or notice how the flowers are unfolding, the rivers are running, and the water is coming down from the sky. Notice how they are doing what they chose to do as aspects of the love consciousness. This is how you can stay in touch with the miracles of life.

Get in Touch with Your Cells

Look at your hand now, and, being in your heart source, get in touch with the cells in your hand and know they rejoice in doing what this aspect of love consciousness chose to do — be a cell in your hand. Ask to be connected to one cell in your hand — just one. Feel yourself go energetically into that cell. Within that cell, you have entered a whole new body. The outer limits, the cell wall, are like your skin. There is all that fluid within the cell — water. You are made up mostly of water, but there are other things in it also. Feel the energy that is in there. The cell itself has different organs, different kinds of things in addition to the DNA and RNA that are there. Each one of those has a consciousness. Listen. Listen with your heart source to the consciousness that is there. If you can't hear the consciousness, feel the consciousness.

These little cells are miracles in themselves. The fact that they keep dividing, the fact that energy is produced in those cells, affects the entire body, even if it's only one of trillions of cells. This is why it is so important for you to feed your cells what they need.