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Dolphins: Creators of Time Bridges

Dolphins: Creators of Time Bridges Dolphin through Robert Shapiro



Dolphin. An interesting side comment: The orange sphere that you have a photo of, which is active, meaning beings passing through it — you can see, it's not completely a circle. It looks like something might have gone through it. There is a bulge on the left.

It is a being that is involved in time, who I feel would be worth hearing from, since we are also involved in time.

As an ancient race of beings, it's good to have this opportunity to establish a connection through this channel, since as a group, we are leaving the planet, and many others in the seas, oceans and even lakes are also leaving. We do not have anything against the bulk of humanity, but our status with you — as a group, you understand — as with the status of other non–humans, has been lost in your time. In your time, you have forgotten that the other beings on the planet are your wayshowers. It is our job to show you how to get along, how to survive and, in some cases, such as with us, to help you to survive — to bring groups of other beings of the sea to you so that you can survive as we have been known to do.