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The Core of the Expression of the New Earth Is Play and the Now Moment

The Core of the Expression of the New Earth Is Play and the Now Moment Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B through Nina Brown

Dear ambassadors of the Golden Dolphin energies, we welcome you into the new phase of the moon's cycle, a time of beginnings, of the potential for change. On this occasion, we come to you to speak of the now moment of time. You have read much on this subject, and we ask that you go back and re–read, for now more than any time it is imperative that you fully comprehend the meaning of the phrase, for it is the core of the new Earth. It is the new Earth. You are coming closer and closer to the full expression of the new Earth, so this concept, which has been gifted to you through the consciousness of many noble beings of light who have incarnated on the planet to give it to you, is of profound importance.

We will share with you the definition of "now" from the perspective of the avatars of Sirius B. It is our play. Do you see? We have defined play in recent months as the now moment, and now we come to you to define the now moment as play. They are interchangeable. The core of the expression of the new Earth is both play and the now moment. This is why it is critical that you embrace this wisdom in your being to awaken the innate knowing that you already possess. When you have awakened this innate knowing, then you begin what we refer to as inner alchemy. The physical body begins to shift — the cells and all of the nanophysiology that is you, all of the energy fields that are you.

When the inner alchemy progresses and the inner shifts, then that is mirrored on the outer as your physical reality shifts as well. Do you understand? We are talking about the creation of the new earth, of the golden age of divine love. It is truly the outer expression of the inner alchemy that you are manifesting by shifting your awareness from the constraints of past and future, sorrow and fear, to the joy and play of the present moment. This is the only time that exists. There is no other time. With the disappearance of past and future time so disappears the old Earth, the old energy, and all of the pain and suffering that have accompanied those thought–forms that have been so much a part of your egopersonality expression.