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Connecting with Greater Love and Greater Cognition

Connecting with Greater Love and Greater Cognition Metatron through Lois Noonan

Greetings! Metatron here, delighted to be with you again. Time is flying past and souls are engaged in keeping up with the higher vibrations. It is not necessarily a challenge but an invitation to be with us by December 21, 2012. It had to be accomplished within a single lifetime. Now is the time.

Within the bigger picture of creation, Gaia is moving up in her life plan. She is cleansing and growing and ready for the next step. Then we can move on. Now the higher vibrations, conscious discoveries, and expanded talents can be used for the highest good of all, but the beneficiary is you! You will have the need to connect with greater love and greater cognition. You, dear ones, are the key to the next level. You can experiment and explore. You can quicken with greater power, understanding, and love, along with the total acceptance of all souls.

Can you visualize strong, loving souls sharing — souls who, upon awakening, increase their qualifications? Don't worry, you will have finished with duality. Visualize such a life. Notice I did not say "such a lifetime." You are reclaiming your endless beingness with different features. Primarily, it will be endless.