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Connect to Your Inner Power

Connect to Your Inner Power Rhonda Smith

November 2012 (25/7) gives you the opportunity to connect to your inner power stemming from both your spiritual wisdom and your intuitive gifts. You are awakening to even more spiritual truths and an understanding that the scientific method is a viable way to discover those truths. It is this process that will assist you in remaining centered, since you may create a slightly impulsive nature in your joy of experiencing. Balance your inner wisdom on this adventurous quest within the material world and you will overcome anything you perceive as an obstacle. Your goal is to both wisely crusade for truth and accept your own independence.

November 1 to November 3, 2012 (81/9)

You begin this month of finding your center connection among all parts of yourself with the higher vibration that brings unfolding and completion of your chosen structure in practical terms. You will receive new insights and may experience a continual rebirth and reorganization as long as you use all this power and authority for the good of all humankind. You'll find the ultimate joy that comes from being able to share your accomplishments for the universal good.

A day of easy–flowing energies starts the month for you, allowing you to take responsibility for this affluent period while examining any details that arise to make sure they fit with what you desire to create so you can take appropriate action to move forward. You move to a day of service from your core, so realize that it is through sharing your accomplishments that you gain understanding. This lets you move on to new adventures in the creation of your life, so remain balanced and centered to receive your rewards. This is followed by the vibration of the seed and harvest so that you can use the power of your imagination — higher mind — to crystallize and mold your desires for your life. The goal is to be the authority in your own life and lead yourself with love, benevolence, intuition, and brotherhood.