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The Birth of the Golden Child and the Awakening of Consciousness

The Birth of the Golden Child and the Awakening of Consciousness Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

Greetings. We wish to speak about the awakening of consciousness. When you awaken from sleep, it can be a slow process moving gently, slowly, and peacefully from sleep to wakefulness. Or it can be an abrupt awakening from a deep sleep, the place of the dreams, to suddenly being in the world. And so it is with awakening to another level of consciousness in your spiritual seeking. The process of awakening can be slow and gentle, moving step by step from one state to another, or it can involve a jolt from one state of consciousness, one state of mind, into another — a sharp awakening.

The Earth Will Soon Experience a Sharp Awakening

You live in times now where sharp awakenings are taking place alongside the slower, more peaceful ones. But nonetheless, awakening is taking place. It is preferable to move from one level to another finer level of consciousness painlessly, joyously, and lovingly. However, when it is time for a collective shift in the consciousness of those who dwell on the planet, sometimes there is a need for a greater effect — a sharp awakening, a realization, a dawning, a moving from the dark to the light very, very quickly.

That is the case now. A sharper awakening is needed, and what is taking place on this planet is not a process that can be ignored. Nor is it being ignored. For we see in many places a great frustration of souls who wish to move, who wish to change, and who wish not to be dominated by the lower human emotions but to rise beyond them. They have a dream. They see that they can be part of a finer fabric.