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Be Grateful for Who You Are and What You Do

Be Grateful for Who You Are and What You Do Quan Yin through Shelia Shumate

My beautiful children and wonderful beings, greetings and love to you all. It is always good to come and bring information that can assist, uplift, and encourage you to be the spiritual beings you are. Each of you has your own insight and wisdom, and as you share what you know and understand, it helps you to grow spiritually. It is just as important to listen to what others are saying, feeling, and believing, as they have their truth too. See each situation and every person who crosses your path as a blessing. Also, find humor in your circumstances — it helps to uplift the soul. As you begin to appreciate your environment, you will notice how much better you feel. Take the time to celebrate your gifts and who you are. All of these things are helping you and the planet raise consciousness awareness.

Appreciate Different Viewpoints

The more you are open to new thoughts and new ideas, the more you advance spiritually, because there is so much diversity on the planet and there are so many ways to flourish. There are countless customs, religions, cultures, and beliefs, each speaking what they know to be the truth. If you took the time to understand another's belief about tradition, rituals, place of worship, or background, it would broaden your horizons. If you take the time to appreciate people with different lifestyles, to make sense of why they do what they do, it changes you within.

When in conversation, it is important to be aware of your own thoughts when another person is sharing. Be aware of any judgments or emotions that come up. As you become mindful of what you are experiencing, only then can you change your thinking about it. Be open to hear and learn from another. Be open to letting others share their points of view without judgment. This will help you grow spiritually. Remember, if you give them the respect and courtesy to share who they are, they will feel your acceptance, and that in itself is raising consciousness awareness.