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Accessing the Future Potential of Your Human Journey

Accessing the Future Potential of Your Human Journey Archangel Michael through Therese Dorer

Channel's Note: I am guided up a staircase of light, and with each step, I am encouraged to release my worldly roles and human foibles. I come to an expansive viewpoint and see a huge lake. The water is calm and brilliant blue. Beside the lake is a tall, magnificent being with a light sword grounded deep into the base of the vision but who also extends high above with no end in sight. This amazing being welcomes us and introduces himself as Archangel Michael.

Welcome, children of the light. It is with joy that I invite you to connect with my energy on this day, open your senses, and feel my love. I invite you to see the vision that Therese has described and hear my words, allowing all of your being to open to this experience.

Opening Your Sixth Sense, the Gateway to True Knowing

I am encouraging you to be aware of your senses, for these are the greatest gifts you have while enjoying the opportunity to be in human form. The experience of being human on the Earth plane is unique in the cosmos, and the senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste are your road map to awareness and the key to negotiating these changing times of 2012.